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Factors to Consider When Buying Toys for Your Dog

Dogs love toys, and it might be the best gift you will ever give them. Whether they bounce, squeak or simple for chewing, your dog will like it. In this article, we are going to discuss the factors that you should have in mind when buying toys like remote control snake for your dog. Read on.

What Do You Want to Achieve with the Toy?

Do you want a toy to calm the dog? Or do you want something interactive to help the dog play? Or are you looking for something to keep it occupied when you are busy? Before buying that toy, it is essential to consider what you want from the toy. Chew toys can be used to keep the pet occupied and also helps to strengthen their teeth. On the other hand, soft toys are good for calming anxious dogs. Above anything else, the toys should be kept clean hence the need for machine washable toys and especially the soft toys.

Size of the Pet

When shopping for toys, you will realize that many of them are labeled as per the size of the dog. Different toys sizes are suitable for different dog sizes. Take for instance the adult dogs might easily swallow a ball which is ideal for your little puppy, and the large toys might hurt the puppy.

The Behavior of Your Dog

Some dogs are boisterous, and you do not want to give such cuddly toys while all it wants is to tear and reap things off. Learn the character of your dog and get them toys which they will enjoy playing with. On the same note, you should consider the age of the dog because tough toys might damage their teeth while older dogs need strong and durable items. If you have puppies, get them toys made from rubber.

The Strength of Your Dog

How strong is your dog? Some dog owners will tell you their frustrations of how they keep on buying toys every other week. This is not out of love but because the last one was easily damaged. Does it mean that they are buying poor quality toys? Not really. It is because they did not consider the strength of their dog hence got a toy that was easy to damage. Until you get the best material depending on how strong your dog is, you will keep on failing.

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Five Tips for Raising a Puppy in an Apartment

Everybody dreams of owning and playing with a dog in his or her backyard. However, not everyone has a huge backyard. The truth is that not everyone lives in the perfect sunny suburbs with large backyards. If you live in an apartment, you can still raise a puppy. The hints as presented below will help you to raise your puppy in your apartment.

cute puppy


Just like humans, dogs need exercise. The amount of exercise your dog needs will depend on its breed. Keep your dog tired if you want him to stay happy. Dogs that live in apartments tend to have lots of energy because they lack the space to run about. For this treason, you should take your dog for regular walks to give him the chance to run and exercise. If you have a tight schedule, then you can hire some to keep your dog company. Otherwise, your dog might take out his energy on your brand new shoes.


When living in an apartment then some things are almost impossible to do, and socializing is one of them. Most dog owners do not prioritize creating chances for their dogs to socialize with others. Find out whether other people in your apartment or nearby own puppies. If that is the case, then arrange for your dog to meet other people as well as dogs.

dogConsider Neighbors

Though you might be the only one with a dog, you are not the only one living the apartment if your dog barks a lot when he can be a big nuisance to your neighbors because of the dense living conditions in apartments. When hunting for a pup to buy you can go for one that is not known for barking excessively. If your dog is known for barking, you should train the dog early to eliminate the behavior and get him an anti-barking device.

Get a Transport Box

Most people dislike the idea of putting their puppy in an enclosed space, as it seems cruel. A dog transport box can help you to train your puppy. At first, puppies dislike using the bathroom where they sleep. If you place your dog inside a crate, then you will train him not to relieve himself inside your home. Immediately you take, your dog out he will relieve himself, and you should reward him with lots of treats. It is the only way to train your dog to avoid going into the bathroom inside your home.

Update Vaccinations

Since your pup stays indoors, the chances are that the dog will not be into contact with other dogs. However, the odds are that other dogs will visit his bathroom spot. This means that your dog will come into contact with their urine and fasces. Since your pup is still young, the chances are that he might contact diseases from parasites. The best way to prevent your puppy from such is to update his vaccinations and avoid spots other dogs like to use for relieving themselves.

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Reasons to Groom Your Dog Every Weekend

Grooming your dog every weekend is the best way to keep your dog healthy. You need to take time at least one day every week to clean your dog. Grooming your dog should include activities like bathing, brushing the hairs as well as clipping the nails. For proper dog grooming, it is important to invest in good grooming essentials.

Some of the important equipment includes a mild shampoo, soft brush, and some clippers. As long as you have the right equipment for cleaning, it will be easy to do the cleaning. Here are reasons to consider dog grooming:

Your dog will smell nice

The main reason to consider grooming your dog is to keeptrimming dog hairs your dog smelling nice. Everyone loves a dog that smells nice, but the only way to do that is by regular grooming. Shampooing the hairs of the dog will remove all the smell from sweating.

When your dog smells nice, you will be comfortable with cuddling your dog. If you live with your dog, then you will appreciate a dog that smells nice. Most of the dog shampoos are slightly scented, and this is a good thing for your dog.

Healthy fur

You need to keep the dog fur as healthy as possible. When the dog fur is not properly cleaned, then parasites are likely to grow on the furs. Fleas and ticks tend to affect the appearance of the dog fur.

Grooming your dog will brush the hairs and remove all the parasites that have accumulated. If you want to keep the dog fur feeling and looking healthy, then you need to groom your dog. The shampooing has a way of removing all the fleas and ticks from the dog.

Prevent diseases

shampooing a dogGrooming your dog will help in preventing diseases. Dogs are prone to diseases, and poor hygiene causes most of them. One of the ways of preventing diseases is by trimming the nails. When you trim the dog nails, it will be easy for the dog to walk without feeling pain. Long nails are likely to harbor bacteria, and this causes infection. Fleas and ticks are also likely to cause diseases and grooming will reduce chances of such diseases.

Keep your dog happy

Grooming is also a good way to keep your dog happy. You need to groom your dog regularly so that you can keep your dog happy. When the dog is clean, it will reduce itching, and this is good for your dog.

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