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Natural Remedies For Eyelid Inflammation

Eyelashes consist of hair follicles which contain the oil glands. Clogging or irritation of these glands could happen due to some infection which triggers inflammation. This inflammation is referred to as eyelid inflammation or blepharitis. Types of eyelid inflammations include posterior and anterior. The anterior one occurs on the eye’s exterior while the posterior one occurs inside the eyes.

The cause of eyelid infection is not known though there are some factors which increase the risk. These factors include allergic reactions due to eye makeups, dandruff on the eyebrows, side effects from medication, bacterial infections, eyelash lice or mites and malfunctioning of the oil glands.

Blepharitis causes a lot of problems or discomfort to the affected individuals. It affects one’s vision. Possible symptoms and signs of eyelid infection include inflamed or swollen eyelids, itchy eyelids, watery eyes, oily eyelids et.c. Note that complication of blepharitis could lead to eyelash loss.

Here are some of the potential home remedies used in the treatment of blepharitis.

Tea tree oil

Eyelid inflammation can also Tea tree oilbe treated by use of tea tree oil. This oil helps in the treatment of the underlying cause as well as relieving the various symptoms like itching and inflammation.


A study that was conducted in 2012
by the Korean medical science revealed that blepharitis which is caused by the Demodex mites could be treated by use of tea tree oil. This oil is very effective in eliminating ocular Demodex as well as improving the subjective ocular symptoms.

Maintenance of eyelid hygiene

It is important to maintain a good hygiene for the treatment and prevention of eyelid infection. This disease is mainly caused by persistent problems which can be controlled by practicing right eyelid and skin hygiene. This will help in preventing recurrences. A study that was conducted in 2012 revealed that practicing of good hygiene helps in relieving the symptoms of both posterior and anterior blepharitis.

Regular cleansing of teyelidhe eyelids by use of some lukewarm water should be practiced. A cleansing solution might also be used as prescribed by the doctor. This prevents the formation of crusts on the lashes.

Regular cleaning also prevents the formation of scaly patches and oil residues on the eyelids. Antibacterial shampoo can also be used for washing your hair, eyebrows, and the scalp.

Scrubbing the eyelids

Scrubbing of the eyelids is essential as it helps to prevent the accumulation of the scaly patches and oil residue on the eyelids. It also prevents crusts from developing on your eyelids as they could delay the eyelid’s healing process.


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