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Types Of Earthquake Survival Kits

Earthquake kits are a variety of supplies that includes tools and equipment that can be used whenever an earthquake strikes. The kit is very important as it may be used as an aid to survival during an earthquake menace. It provides health, and first aid needs to ensure survivors get immediate medical attention on the site before being transferred to elite medical institutions for intensive care and treatment. The emergency kits are critical in the event a disaster like an earthquake strikes. Earthquake kits include the following;


Home earthquake kits

Home earthquake kitsIt is always advisable to have earthquake kits in homes to ensure that all family members are safe if an unfortunate happen. The home kit will have various supplies including non-perishable foods, water, a tent and medical supplies. This will ensure family members will use when an earthquake strikes before help reach them. The kit must contain lighting devices e.g., a torch, sanitation equipment and communication devices. The kit should be kept in a safe place and tamper proof container to keep them safe and should be reachable at any time.

Earthquake kits for schools and institutions

Earthquake kits for schools and learning institutions should contain water, food stuff, medical supplies, lighting equipment, communication kits and temporary shelter to keep students safe during the earthquake menace. Considering that most students are young, the kit should contain enough food and even toys for children to play and help them forget the misery of the event. The school should ensure the kit has enough supplies for all the students to survive for even more than a week.

Military earthquake kits

During a major earthquake attack, the military is the sole institution that is mandated to oversee and undertake rescue operations. They have sophisticated tools and machines to help them in the rescue operations. The kit contains drilling devices, sleeping bags, medical supplies, compass, clean water, tents, stretchers and many others. They should also have excavators to move huge debris and rescue trapped people.

Vehicle earthquake kits

Vehicle earthquake kitsIt is always recommended to have earthquake survival kits in your car at all times because it may come in handy during an emergency. The kit should contain clean and purified water, lighting equipment, first aid equipment, communication gadgets and medical supplies. The kit should also contain shelter or a tent to enhance safety while on the road. The kit should be kept in a safe pack and should be portable.

These earthquake kits are critical and helpful as they will come in handy during hard times of an earthquake attack. It is advisable to keep them safe and in a place that is easily accessible to everybody.

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