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Guitar Lessons

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Getting lessons from a teacher cannot be compared to learning alone. You will have someone to take you through the basics other than cracking the nuts on your own. You will make minor mistakes, and it will take you less time. If you are planning to learn guitar, this article will help you a lot. First of all, I will start by saying that electric guitar lessons for beginners are expensive. Well, the cheapest goes for $40 per hour. Not many people can afford such rates.

learn guitar onlineOnline teaching comes to the aid of people who want to learn guitar but cannot afford the mentioned charges. Taking an online course, you will have a teacher to explain everything but through your screen. They will as well show you what your hands should be doing. Well, you will not get corrections you would have gained from a physical teacher, but at least you get the teaching. If you can afford a teacher the better but if you are looking for a cheaper option, go online. They charge not more than $20.

Top Guitar Lessons Online

Paid online causes are under great watch by the users. If a website is not delivering, people will negatively talk about it, and it will eventually erode. On the other hand, good guitar courses will be praised all over, and everyone will know about it. It is therefore important to check on customer reviews before settling on a website for your guitar lessons.

Guitar Tricks

Guitar tricks are known to be the king of online guitar courses. It was launched in 1998. Well, it is among the oldest and most trusted guitar website in the market. It has recorded 11,000 guitar lessons with more than 700 songs. Impressive right? Their website is easy to navigate and slick. It has a large number of instructors, 32 is a good number. Instructors are specialists in different guitar styles, and many of them are touring artists and professional recorders.

Beginners start with guitar fundamentals level 1 which gives a grounding about the instrument. By the end of the course, you should be playing simple songs and backing tracks. They as well take care of advanced players. They will help you explore different music styles including country, blues, and rock. Other than the techniques the site has 700 different song lessons.


  • guitar lessonsExcellent website design
  • Solid instructors
  • Unrivaled lessons
  • Offers lessons for both beginners and advanced players


  • Some lessons are not complete

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